Actress Sameera Reddy often shares videos of her two kids and entertains her fans and followers with their antics at home. Recently, Sameera shared a video in which she drew funny comparisons between superstar Rajinikanth and her 10-month-old daughter Nyra.

Watch: Sameera Reddy compares her 10-month-old daughter to Rajinikanth

In the video, shared by the actress, Nyra can be seen channeling her inner Rajinikanth by wearing sunglasses. The video also shows clips of Rajinikanth’s famous sunglass flip. Sameera’s little one is also trying to put her glasses on.

“Mass baby #babyThalaivaa #rajnikanth #superstar “Summa pere ketta athrudula” @rajinikanth #naughtynyra#10monthsold #itsmybirthday#baby #milestone,” she captioned the video.

Meanwhile, Sameera also has a 5-year-old son and has her hands full trying to keep her kids entertained during the lockdown. “We are going nuts handling the children, the household work and then I’ve my own work. We are coping as best as we can. But you can imagine how difficult it is to keep two young children engaged indoors 24/7. My little daughter Nyra is just nine months old and she needs my full attention. My son Hans is also coping with his confinement as best as he can. But how are children expected to comprehend the situation? He wants to go out to visit his grandparents. How do we explain to him why he can’t?” said Sameera in an interview last month.

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